As a student of the Media Arts & Technology program at Rochester Instutite of Technology, I have experience in designing and creating content for multiple media platforms. Here are a few examples of my work.

Front-End Web Development

website redesign

Website Redesign

As a final project for Webpage Production I, I redesigned the RIT School of Media Sciences: Connect website using HTML, CSS, SASS, Bourbon and Saffron. All content was provided from the School of Media Science: Connect Website. Click the title above to view the website.

gig reporter

Gig Reporter

Using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and API keys from The New York Times and Ticketmaster website, I was able to design and create a website which allows you to search for concert tickets and articles about your favortie bands. Click the title above to view the website.


All photos were taken with a DSLR Canon Rebel T31 and editied in Adobe Photoshop and Camera Raw. Any photo captioned "scanopgraphy" were captured with a Epson Perfection Pro Scanner. Experience in retouching, compositing, image manipulation, color management, grid photography, and scanography.

  • Static Hand: Scanography/Compositing
  • Fortune Cookie: Scanography
  • Nail Polish: Scanography
  • Makeup: Grid Photography/Compositing
  • Flames: Photography
  • Kraken: Photography
  • Scared: Scanography
  • Green: Photography

Page Design and Print Publishing

Poster Redesign

Resigned RIT Choir Audition poster using Adobe Indesign.

Magazine Layout

Click on title to view full magazine

Created and designed a page layout for a ficitional magazine which focuses on Bodoni, a font-family. All content was gathered from research.

Book Layout

Click on title to view full book layout

Designed page layout for The Hound of the Baskervilles by Sherlock Holmes using Adobe InDesign.

daydreams book


Click on the title to view the full book

Daydreams is an image flip book that tells a stroy about a girl bored in class wishing she could be out exploring the world. Photos of the main character were taken using a Canaon Rebel T3i and photos of the background were came from an image public domain website called Pexels. All photos were edited in Adobe Photoshop.

Direct Mail Campaign

Click on the title to view all content created

As a final project for Database Publishing, I created a campaign which advocated staying healthy and being active to the people of Rochester, NY. For this campaign I designed and created brochures for local grocery stores and gyms in Rochester. I also created postcards for local schools in Rochester. All content was either given or researched. Using Microsoft Excel, InDesign Data Merge and Taableau, I was able to specifiy a certain gym, grocery store or school on each different piece of content created.